Privacy policy

1.1. Personal data is understood, including, but not limited to: name and surname, phone number, e-mail address, personal data subject's place of job.

1.2. The operator of personal data has the right to use personal data by any lawful means, directly specified in this policy, including:

1.2.1. send promotional letters to the subject

1.2.2. send information letters to the subject

1.2.3. notify subject to notification

1.2.4. to transfer the data of the subject to third parties, for the purpose of improving the quality of use of the operator's website

1.2.5. use and transfer to third-party operators subject data for retargeting, contextual and targeted advertising

1.2.6. use the data of the subject to collect statistics and metrics of site traffic, including using and transmitting data to the following operators:

a) Yandex Ltd. (Privacy Policy

b) Google (Privacy Policy

c) Vkontakte (privacy policy

d) Facebook (privacy policy

e) Jivosite (Privacy Policy

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