Polyurethane-lined pipes

Polyurethane-lined pipes

Uraltrubprom JSC produces polyurethane-lined steel pipes.

Polyurethane has anticorrosion properties and high hydroabrasive wear resistance. Therefore its use as an internal coating significantly improves the pipeline reliability and increases the service life by 10 times in comparison with other materials.


  • Size: diameter from 114 to 1820 mm
  • Wall thickness: from 3 to 22 mm
  • Length of pipe: up to 12 m
  • Working pressure: up to 32 MPa
  • Operating temperature: from -60 to +150°С



  • main pipelines and slurry pipelines of mining and processing plants;
  • pipelines with aggressive media;
  • various industrial pipelines.


Advantages of using this product:

  • durability and reliability of pipelines (10 times higher than of other materials);
  • reduces maintenance costs by several times due to the increased service life of pipelines.
  • short manufacturing lead time. Short delivery times;
  • has a bearing capacity, requires no costs for the construction of piperacks;
  • requires no additional preparation for subsurface pipelining.


Why polyurethane?

  • high strength, elasticity and resilience of the composite material reduce the water hammer force;
  • high resistance to repeated shock and deforming loads;
  • high chemical resistance to aggressive liquids;
  • high abrasion resistance (10 times higher than of other materials);
  • perfect adhesion to the protected surface;
  • operating temperature from -60 to +150°С
  • low thermal conductivity reduces the need for heat insulation.