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Uraltrubprom contributes to exploration of Arctic


Uraltrubprom, JSC is the exclusive enterprise in Russia, that can produce steel pipes with outer diameter of up to 630 mm and wall thickness of up to 22 mm from coiled steel.
Products of such size are necessary for extraordinary project of Yamal LNG – plant for production and storing of liquefied natural gas located beyond the Arctic Circle (Yamal, Arctic).

Large diameter pipes produced according to this technology far cheaper than equal counterparts. For the Yamal LNG project Uraltrubprom specialists have improved the Japanese technology within 2,5 months. After modernization the maximum length of pipe is increased from 18 to 24 meters, that make it possible to avoid welding process of shorter pipes, to shrink duration of works and to increase reliability of pile structures. Besides, technical specialists of Uraltrubprom, JSC have developed a new welding mode for such thick wall pipes.

At the moment, Uraltrubprom, JSC is the only pipe works in Russia and CIS that can produce ERW pipes with length of 24 meters.

During the period from 2012 to 2015 the works have supplied more than 150 000 metric tons of pipe products for the Yamal LNG project. Uraltrubprom, JSC have manufactured round pipes 530 x 14 mm, 530 x 20 mm with non-standard length of 24 m, 22 m and 20 m without transverse joint as well as standard length pipes of 12, 14 and 18 meters.