History of the plant

Chronology of important events

1986 - Ministerial council of the USSR has approved the order on foundation of manufacture of electric-welded shapes of rectangular and square sections (order No.1119 dated September 20, 1986) in the city of Pervouralsk in Sverdlovsk region.

1990 - Beginning of the plant formation. Required equipment -ERW mill lines of VOEST ALPINE (Austria) and HOESCH MFD (Germany) brands - were purchased. Pipes are manufactured on these machines using high-frequency welding technique.

January 31, 1991 - official date of birth of "Uraltrubprom" plant

1992 - commissioning of purchased equipment. Manufacture of the first shaped pipe (April 23, 1992).

1994 - manufacture of round pipes was mastered.

1995 - the form of property of "Uraltrubprom" was changed to Open Joint-stock company “Urals Pipe Works".

2002 - the enterprise has obtained the first certificate of conformity of the Quality management system according to ISO 9002:94 international standard.

2003 - the enterprise has obtained certificate of conformity of the Quality management system according to f ISO 9001:2000 international standard.

2005 - JSC “Urals Pipe Works” (Uraltrubprom) and JSC "PPTBS" (Pervouralsk plant of tubular building structures) announced creation of a uniform industrial complex.
Since that time, JSC “Urals Pipe Works” (Uraltrubprom) is a manufacturer of metal structure of any complexity and welded beams.

2006 - the Branch of RSVPU (Russian state vacation and pedagogical university) started to function on the basis of the plant.

2006 - one million tons of pipes (starting from manufacture of the first pipe in 1992) has been welded.

2007 - the second production site was opened, and the product range of the plant was extended. Manufacture of rolled section steel, quick-mountable buildings of complete delivery, steel windows, doors, and gate, road and bridge fences, shaped protections, shaped flooring (on the basis of “PCMS”) was added.

May 29, 2009 - start-up of a new ERW mill line "630" as a part of pipe production line.

2009 - the enterprise has obtained certificate of conformity of the Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 international standard.

2015 - opening of sports and recreation centre "Uraltrubprom".

2014 - casing pipe production line was commissioned put into operation.

2014 - 3 million tons of pipes (starting from manufacture of the first pipe in 1992) has been produced.

Information on PPTBS enterprise

Production capacities of two plants - PPTBS and Uraltrubprom - were united in 2005. Since that time, all products of PPTBS have been produced with "Uraltrubprom" brand.

Merger served as a powerful incentive for metal structure manufacture development as both production of building metal shapes (shaped pipes and rolled section steel) and metal structures were concentrated in one plant. This promotes metal structure manufacture process significantly and provides more opportunities for implementation of even the most complex architectural projects.

Over its thirty-year long history, PPTBS has accumulated rich experience in designing and manufacture of buildings. Over 3000 objects have been constructed with application of metal structure produced by PZTSK, including office building with retail trade areas on Vostochnaya street (Yekaterinburg), Complex of cold storage warehouses of CJSC "Stalepromishlennaya kompaniya" (Yekaterinburg), Steel-making plant (Serov metallurgical works), Sports centre (Chekhov, Moscow region), Mall "Kupets" (Yekaterinburg), Multipurpose sports and entertainment complex Platinum-Arena (Khabarovsk), etc. Uraltrubprom continues these good traditions, augments the experience, and brings its own contribution to further development and improvement of metal structure manufacture process.

Structures produced by "Uraltrubprom" plant have been already mounted on sites like “MEGA-IKEA” mall (Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar), Kupets mall (Yekaterinburg), International terminal of Koltsovo airport (Yekaterinburg), Logo-park (Verkhnyaya Pyshma), "Mariy El" Ice palace (Yoshkar-Ola), Ice stadium for ice hockey (Khabarovsk), Small ice arena for ice hockey (Sochi, Olympic games object).

Information on PCMS enterprise

Pervouralsk plant of complete metal structures (PCMS) was founded in 1982. PCMS is one of the leading plants in Russia in the field of designing, manufacture, and installation of buildings and constructions from light metal structures of complete delivery.

In 2007, PCMS became a part of JSC "Urals Pipe Works" (Uraltrubprom). Since that time, all products of PCMS are made with "Uraltrubprom" brand. First of all, PCMS is a unique manufacture including line of wall and roofing sandwich panels, equipment for manufacturing of road and bridge fences, steel windows, doors, and gates, C-shaped sections, and others steel bent shapes, shaped roofing, metal goods.

The largest lumber complex in Russia that was constructed by PCMS in the city of Sovetsky within the scope of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area governor's program implementation and construction of Oil refining plant in the city of Ryazan together with LUMUS GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL company (USA) should be mentioned among the large-scale projects of the plant. The volume of metal structures delivered for this object made up over 5 thousand t.

Considerable number of complete buildings and metal structures was delivered to the Far North and the Far East. For example, the building of administrative office of "Exon Petrogas Limited" company (affiliated company of "Exon Mobile") in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was constructed with application of PCMS's metal structures. Delivery volume - 1100 t.

Uraltrubprom has brought significant contribution to modernization of PCMS's production capacities. Cutting-edge equipment for manufacture of metal structures and processing of building metal rolls was put into service at the plant in 2009. 6 units of equipment of FICEP (Italy) and YAMAZAKI MAZAK (Japan) brands were installed. These are highly economical and easy-to-use machines.