Uraltrubprom, JSC is increasing metal structures production capacities

At the beginning of 2009 at “Urals Pipe Works” (Uraltrubprom) modern equipment for metal structures manufacturing and construction profiles machine processing has been set into operation. These are profit-proof, easy-to-operate machines manufactured by Italian and Japanese companies. 6 lines of equipment have been installed. The investments amount was around 4 000 000 Euro. New equipment start-up will make it possible to increase metal structures production capacity of “Uraltrubprom”, JSC up to 4000 tons per month.

Main and most important advantages of new equipment are production speed and high quality of ready products, considerable cutting of production costs and efforts for metal structures component units manufacturing, automatic marking, geometrical accuracy of all products.

Large plates punching, drilling and thermal cutting line.
Angels processing line from -45 up to +45 degree.
Flats processing line.
Band sawing line for cutting profiles and beams. Thanks to this line the range of sawing has been increased.
Automatic drilling and coping line.
Laser machine produced by Japanese company for pipes and profiles processing with automatic charging and discharge units, which makes it possible to process longer profiles. This machine is intended for pipe and profile material laser cutting and nesting, it is possible to cut in 3D system using special program software.

This laser system enables to process tubes and profiles with different geometrical characteristics: round, square, rectangular etc. It is wholly automatic complex from bar feeding into the working area up to ready product discharging from the machine. Machine control system allows quick programming and adjustment for certain product manufacturing.

Such laser complex while pipes and profiles processing enables to achieve high quality of ready products and also to increase productive efficiency.